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This Could Land You on
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1 in 3 Americans Participate in
This Simple Everyday Activity.
Now, It Could Land You in Deep Trouble.

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And How You Can Protect You and Your Family

It’s 4:47 am.

A loud crash at your door startles you awake.

You jolt up. Your heart is racing. Adrenaline is coursing through your body.

You dart over to the closet — where you keep your personal handgun. You take it out of its holster and flick the safety off.

Suddenly, you hear a stampede of combat boots storm through the door . . . and they scatter throughout the house.

You know what’s happening. A home invasion.

The boots are getting closer.

Unsure of what’s going on, and how many people there are, you stay low to the ground.

You peek out the window and see two German Shepherds leading two uniformed SWAT officers near your garden.

Now, you’re confused. There must be a mix up.

So you put your gun on the floor and walk over to the door. You’re going to put your hands up, go out, and clear up any misunderstandings.

After all, you’re a law-abiding citizen. You have nothing to hide.

But before you can take a step towards your bedroom door, two SWAT officer bust through the door. Shattered splinters fly everywhere.

Before you can say a word, they point their M4s at you and tell you to get down.

You have nowhere to go, and nothing you can do without getting pummeled with bullets. So you oblige.

As they zip tie your hands, they ask, “Are you the homeowner?”

You answer them. “Yes.”

“We’re going to keep you in custody until we search your house.”

You’re perplexed. So you ask them, “Is something wrong?”

No response.

Thinking they didn’t hear you over all the noise and commotion in your home, you ask them again.

Still no answer.

So you sit tight thinking it’ll be over in a moment.

You glimpse out the door. It’s a mess in the hallway.

They’re tearing your place apart.

Minutes pass. Still no word of what’s going on.

The agents are still standing there guarding you.

You hear repeated shouts in the hallway. “Clear!”

This continues as the agents tear through your home.

But still, nobody acknowledges you or tells you what’s happening.

Now, the minutes have become hours.

Your hands are still zip tied and you have no idea what’s going on.

You Get the Feeling Something
Is Wrong. Very Wrong.

My name is Tom Luongo.

Some of you might recognize my name from Newsmax Media, Seeking Alpha, Russia Insider, or Halsey News Network.

But today, I’m here to talk about a story that impacts you and me directly.

The story you heard about a SWAT team ransacking your house may sound like something out of a fiction novel. Or something that suspected criminals should worry about.

But that exact scenario actually happened to the Harte family of Leawood, Kansas.

The former CIA workers and their two young children were held at gunpoint for hours during a SWAT raid. Deputies rummaged through their house and tore it inside out looking for drugs.

They didn’t find anything.

What drew the suspicion in the first place?

It was actually a favorite American hobby that 1 in 3 households partake in.

I’m talking about gardening.

That’s right. The Harte family bought some gardening supplies. They didn’t use cash so their purchases was tracked electronically.

This was enough to trigger an investigation for growing marijuana. And apparently it was enough for the SWAT team to execute a no-knock warrant.

You can read about the Harte’s story and how to protect you and your family from a similar situation starting on page 44 of the bestselling book, The War on Cash.

Author David McRee has outlined exactly what can happen to you and why.

Listen, if it could happen to former CIA workers, it could happen to you.

That’s why you need to get the full story today.

And it goes beyond gestapo-style raids. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The War on Cash exposes big government’s attempt to invade our privacy, freedom, and wealth.

This is without a doubt, the most important book of the decade.

The War on Cash retails for $19.99 at your neighborhood bookstore.

But because of the importance of this situation, I’ve secured a limited number of copies. And I want to mail you a FREE copy today.

When you get your copy, flip it open, and you’ll be shocked.

The pot is finally boiling over and millions of Americans are going to become burn victims.

Uncle Sam is Going After YOUR Freedoms . . . YOUR Privacy.

Banks and Big Government are working together to take your cash away and go digital. So they can track every dollar you spend.

Let me say that again: Track every dollar you spend.

If that happens, you can say goodbye to privacy and your liberty. And you can say goodbye to a free and prosperous society.

The Harte family did nothing wrong. And the SWAT search turned up no drugs whatsoever.

That’s why it’s so important that you claim your FREE copy of The War on Cash.

Big Brother’s grip on your wallet and your life is growing stronger with each passing day.

You’ve probably heard the term cashless society in recent years.

Big Tech and liberal think tanks love to tout the benefits of going cashless:

  • Lower crime rates because thieves won’t be able to steal cash
  • Eliminating the black market for many dangerous goods and services
  • Reduction of money laundering and tax evasion
  • Ease and convenience
  • Better data collection since all your transactions are tracked

But don’t believe the lies! Inch by inch, your freedoms are being taken away.

Just open your copy of The War on Cash and you’ll see what I mean.

For example . . .

  • A simple, everyday financial transaction can land you in jail. How many times have you sold something on Craigslist, or at a garage sale for cash? Well, now you might be at risk of a law enforcement raid. It’s an assault on Constitutional rights, but a new law makes it possible. See how you can protect yourself. Page 11.
  • Everything in your safe deposit box is safe, right? Wrong! Big banks are aiding and abetting the U.S. Government. Your hard currency and valuables could be at risk. Here’s what you should do to safeguard your possessions. Page 13.
  • How Ivy League elites influence policy to line Wall Street’s pockets . . . and empty yours. The truth will shock you! But it can also set you free you from the grips of the Deep State. Page 22.
  • Exposed! An aggressive new tax that could turn every $10,000 you own into $8,500. Except this time, it won’t be Uncle Sam levying this on you. This new investigation will leave you speechless. See if you’re at risk. Page 23.
  • Does making a purchase with too much cash make you a suspected drug dealer or terrorist? It happened to a 31-year-old man in Michigan. And it could happen to you. Here’s how to avoid his same fate. Page 67.

People who’ve read The War on Cash are waking up to what’s happening.

But many of these people paid for the book. You don’t have to. I want to mail you a FREE copy today. Just pay shipping and handling.

Even Your Second Amendment Right
Is Under Attack

If you own guns for self defense or sport . . .

Or if you simply believe that the Second Amendment is crucial to our freedom and security . . .

Then this will really tick you off!

The Second Amendment is under attack from a power-hungry government that’s growing more and more menacing with each passing day.

Of course, this is not something you’ll read about in the mainstream media. And no elected official will go on record saying this.

There would be too much backlash.

Right now, as many as 42% of American households own at least one fire arm.

These folks know — like you and I do — that the Second Amendment has been fundamental to our existence as a country for 245 years.

But thanks to an Obama-era directive, the government can legally overreach on your right to bear arms.

This is not just a question of stricter background checks either.

Soon, you may find yourself unable to purchase ammo at all. Or all the firearms you legally own could be confiscated without warning.

And if you’ve heard President Biden’s plans for gun owners . . . it’s going to get much worse.

Even the very liberal Washington Post published an op ed saying so.

It all dates back to an Obama-era initiative called Operation Choke Point.

Have you heard of it?

Most people haven’t. You can say it was Obama’s parting gift just for people who “cling to their guns and religion.”

The intent behind this directive seemed worthy at first glance. It was meant to stop crime and illegal activities.

But like so many government power-backed initiatives, it quickly became an abusive scheme that preys upon our rights as citizens.

Operation Choke Point intimidates banks into ending relationships with what the government considers “high risk” merchants.

And unfortunately, the government is specifically targeting fire arms and ammunition dealers.

Some of these industries like “pyramid-type schemes” and “drug paraphernalia” are linked to illegal activities. So they’re understandable.

But why in the world would ammunition and firearms retailers be included with them?

That’s a blatant assault on the Second Amendment!

Now, thankfully a few patriots that were part of the Congressional Oversight Committee spotted this.

They deemed there was no rationale for the original list of “high-risk” merchants. And that Operation Choke Point was an abuse of power.

However, the damage has been done.

Could Your Local
Gun Retailer Be Next?

Many gun retailers were already hit with this aggressive grab of heavy-handed government.

In Hyannis, Massachusetts, a gun retailer was denied a line of credit by TD Bank . . . in spite of his longtime relationship with the bank and the fact that he had known the bank manager for over 20 years.

When asked why he was denied the credit line, the manager replied, “The bank is turning you down because you sell guns.”

The retailer later researched and found that the bank was being pressured by Operation Choke Point.

In Brooksville, Florida, a gun and pawn shop had its accounts closed by SunTrust Bank. The owner believes SunTrust cut him off because of Operation Choke Point.

In Fruitland, Florida, Peggy C. — owner of a pawn and gun shop — called TD Bank to open a line of credit. The bank representative pulled up the store’s Facebook page and denied her the chance to apply for credit. The bank told her, “We can’t lend to anyone who sells firearms.”

Of course, Big Banks are more than happy to oblige with Operation Choke Point’s directives.

I mean, who bailed them out with YOUR tax dollars in the last financial crisis? And who will be there to bail them out again?

And the gun stores were just the beginning.

Other independent media outlets and alternatives to Big Tech platforms like YouTube and Twitter have also been targeted. They’re being denied funding.

But as you know, they’re just being silenced for their political views.

As Americans who live and die by the Constitution, it’s time to be vigilant.

If you own a small business, or know someone who does, you must know how to protect yourself and stay safe from the government’s aggressive overreach plans.

You can get the full story starting on page 43 in the bestselling book, The War on Cash.

The author, David McRee, has been a certified public accountant for over twenty years. So he’s had a front row seat to the biggest power-grab attempt in history.

Uncle Sam is working with Big Tech, Big Banks, and liberal think tanks to take away your privacy and freedoms.

Now, will some of what you read in this book be a direct violation of the Constitution?


But since when does the government actually care about upholding the Constitution?

That’s why you need to get the full story in The War on Cash.

This is your right to privacy and freedom as a citizen.

You have the right to be free of unwarranted and unwanted government intrusion into your personal and private affairs, papers, and possessions.

Going cashless will strip this away from you.

And just to be clear . . .

A cashless society means no cash. Zero!

No paper money. No coins. Nothing in circulation that you can withdraw and hold in your hand. And no legal tender that you can hand to someone for goods and services.

Cashless Means Fully Digital, Fully Traceable, Fully Controlled

You’ve seen young people with their noses in their smartphones, I’m sure. They’re practically addicted to those things!

Many of these folks fully support Big Tech’s push to go cashless, but they aren’t fully aware of the consequences.

Big Bills Banned by Government!

On July 14, 1969, the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve issued a joint statement announcing all denominations greater than $100 would be removed from circulation.

The purpose of this maneuver was because they were no longer needed for interbank transfers.

But what’s the real reason?

Given that prices are more expensive today, would it be fair to argue that bigger bills should be in higher demand?

Find out more on this controversial move on page 17 of The War on Cash.

Soon you won’t recognize the world you live in anymore. And your children and grandchildren won’t understand the value of hard work and making money.

They’ll be robbed of the traditions that you and I grew up on.

Because cashless means:

  • Teenagers can’t take weekend jobs on the local farm to earn some cash for college.
  • No more birthday cards with a $10 bill tucked away in it, or tooth fairy money for your kids and grandkids.
  • No more flea markets or garage sales to sell your used stuff for a bit of cash.
  • No more piggy banks so that your kids will learn the value of saving.
  • No more slipping Junior a wad of cash while you send him off to college.

And the at the same time, we’ll see a growing level of surveillance and basic privacy stripped away.

You give an inch and they’ll take a mile. People loved the convenience of free services from Big Tech like email and Facebook.

They allowed us to communicate with loved ones, store photos and video online, and some people even built a platform.

But now, all the data these firms collected is being harnessed and used against people. They’re being censored for political beliefs, and your information is being sold for profit.

The price you pay for a little convenience is your freedom and privacy. And it’s getting even worse.

Banks will soon have FULL CONTROL of every single cent you own. Every transaction will be recorded. Which means all your movements are traceable.

The days of walking in the bank and knowing the teller by name will be gone.

Instead, an algorithm can block access to your money in a split second just because some activity seemed questionable.

Or even because of your political affiliation!

Regaining access could take weeks with endless phone calls, and a barrage of security questions that you need to know the answers to.

And a cashless society will happen much faster than you thought possible. The infrastructure of smartphones and high-speed internet is already in place. Now the real hijacking can begin.

COVID-1984 Is About to Transform the U.S. Into an Orwellian Society!

Right now, governments in cooperation with banks have the mother of all excuses to go cashless: COVID-19.

Or perhaps a more fitting name for it would be COVID-1984.

Because eliminating cash will mean Big Brother will always be watching you.

Even though the World Health Organization explicitly said, “We were misrepresented” and “we did NOT say cash was transmitting coronavirus” . . .

The virus still is being used as a scapegoat.

As Rahm Emanuel, the former Democratic mayor of Chicago and Obama’s first chief of staff, once said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Think about it — during every major crisis, the rights of American citizens have been attacked.

It happened during World War I with the suppression of citizen’s property rights . . . and during the Great Depression, Congress was granted the power to invalidate existing contracts.

These power grabs continued with World War II, the Korean War, the 1970s energy crisis, and most recently with the Patriot Act following 9/11.

Each time, the government has used a crisis to further its overreach and restrict your freedoms.

And it’s happening again right now.

In an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus, governments are quickly rolling out unprecedented digital surveillance measures.

These include facial recognition, phone tracking, and other measures that — left unchecked — stand to absolutely trample on the freedoms of millions of unsuspecting citizens.

The government is not alone in this — major tech companies are also complicit.

In fact, in 131 countries Google has released location data so governments can see if people are obeying self-isolation rules during the pandemic.

And they’re attacking your right to pay with cash.

You can see the fallout everywhere . . .

And even a great American pastime is being weaponized to eliminate your financial freedoms and privacy.

Check out this notice from the website of Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida. It’s the home of the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals spring training.

All full-time and event staff, as well as third parties and partners, will be subject to health and temperature screenings before entering the stadium. Masks will always be required. Social distancing and proper hygiene will be enforced and encouraged by staff and guests entering the stadium.

Changes will also be made to the ticketing, parking and food & beverage operations. From the parking lots to the transactions made in the stadium, most experiences will be cashless.

And the 2021 Super Bowl was not only completely cashless . . .

But also completely paperless!

It was the first mass sporting event in history with no paper tickets or cash.

That means more and more transactions are being electronically collected.

And your data is being harnessed to build a profile of you.

Just imagine being a patron at a sporting event. You have a beer. One beer.

It was paid for electronically so they have the record. Now, you get into your car and a stoplight camera cross-checks your car with your purchase history.

The beer you had triggers a red flag and before you know it, the lights of a police car are flashing in your rearview mirror. You need to pull over. That means a Breathalyzer test and possibly a full search of your car.

What a headache and a waste of time! Not to mention taxpayer dollars!

Or just consider if you bought a hot dog at the same game. Who doesn’t love a hot dog while watching some baseball or football?

It’s as American as it gets. A tradition that dates back to your grandparents’ time, probably.

But now, there’s a record of that purchase. So what’s to stop a health insurance provider from flagging it as “unhealthy” and charging you a premium?

In fact, page 44 of The War on Cash covers four specific habits that could “tip off” insurance companies.

Are you at risk of a skyrocketing premium? Find out when you claim your FREE copy today.

“But if you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the government collecting your data.”

That was a quote by Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister for the Nazis from 1933 to 1945.

So something is very wrong if someone tells you this to defend government actions.

And this is just not true in this day and age of big government.

Just ask Matt Lee, age 31, of Michigan. He secured a promising job interview in California. So he hit the road with $700 he saved. His dad slipped him an extra $2,500 in cash too.

He was pulled over in Humboldt County, Nevada, and immediately accused of driving to California to buy drugs. And his cash was confiscated without warning.

Or consider Damon Louis from San Francisco. He was pulled over for his “failure to use a turn signal.”

Police searched his car and found no drugs, weapons, or anything illegal. But they did find $3,300 in cash in a box in the trunk.

He was forced to list how he obtained all the money including all the names and addresses of the people it was from . . . and under what circumstances.

Of course, he couldn’t do that. Nobody can. So the police confiscated all his cash on the spot.

Don’t forget that cash is a legal tender.

It is our right to have it. It is our right pay with it.

But now, war is being waged against cash.

Law enforcement is immediately suspicious of anyone with large amounts on them.

And banks, in cooperation with Big Tech and the government, are making it increasingly difficult to buy anything without some sort of digital tracking.

We’re in dangerous territory.

As you’ll see in The War on Cash, a Gestapo-style raid could be in your cards.

And this is just one of many nightmare scenarios you could find yourself in:

  • Access Denied: Big government’s assault on your retirement. A strange situation is happening. Citizens are being denied access to money in pension funds. If you have this one account, you need to pay particular attention. Page 27.
    • Inside the secret alliance aiming to dismantle your freedoms. If you thought the government was bad, they’ve now teamed up with private sector partners to make it even easier to take away your rights. If you thought censorship from big tech was bad . . . wait till you see this! You’ll want to warn your loved ones about this right away! Page 30.
    • WARNING: If you’re a small business owner, a simple advertising mistake could trigger an aggressive investigation from the government. Luckily, if you know what it is, you could take preemptive action to avoid a nightmare . . . or even a shutdown. Page 38.
    • “I’m now a believer in what havoc Obama reaped on the American people!” Shocking investigation reveals how a young woman lost access to her bank account. Are you next? Page 47.
    • Former FBI agent in a shocking tell-all: Bankers can now act as policemen and judges! They can confiscate and freeze your assets without warning. Page 51.
    • Seized! The simple act of carrying as little as $2,500 in cash while on vacation can result in seizure by law enforcement. See where you should avoid carrying it at all costs. Page 67.

    Now, of course, you’ll never hear about any of this in your local paper or the mainstream media. Most of them already support the radical left policies coming out of Washington.

    But it’s important to know what’s happening.

    That’s why Newsmax has agreed to distribute FREE copies of The War on Cash.

    As an organization, Newsmax has understands the importance of independent journalism and unbiased reporting.

    So it’s our mission to get this book, which has already become a bestseller, into as many hands as possible.

    And due to the controversial nature of this book, it could be taken offline — and off bookstore shelves — without warning.

    We all know Big Tech can censor anything with the flick of a switch.

    So if anything I’m telling you resonates at all, I urge you to claim your FREE copy immediately.

    If you put it off for later, it might not be available anymore.

    On page 52, The War on Cash even talks in detail about how independent journalism is under attack. Big banks in cooperation with the government are going after their funds and preventing you from getting the real story.

    And there’s so much more. The book also covers:

    • The strange loophole that allows the government to seize all your cash. Thanks to a hidden clause in Title 21 U.S.C. Sec. 881(a)(6), the government can seize all the cash on you. Luckily, you can sidestep this mishap by doing one thing. Page 66.
    • Don’t bring that on the airplane! A common everyday item could land you in detention and endless questions from the TSA and DEA. It’s not guns, ammo, fireworks, or an electronic device. It’s something much more commonplace. Page 69.
    • Hardworking American citizens have lost $3.2 billion in cold, hard cash. Once you see how it happened, you’ll be ticked off! If this isn’t an invasion of your rights, I don’t know what is. And this number will only grow in the coming months! Page 70.
    • The $30,060 traffic violation. Joseph Alexander’s story could have easily been yours. Get the full story so you can avoid his nightmare situation. Page 73.
    • Your bank teller is spying on you. An ongoing government initiative from the Obama years allows banks to report your information to Uncle Sam. How this info can be used against you is shocking! A blatant attack on constitutional liberties. Page 80.
    • Plus: A list of common bank transactions that get flagged by the government. Knowing these can save you a lot of potential headaches. Page 81.
    • How a simple bank deposit can trigger a red flag that locks you out of your bank account. It could also make you a subject of a criminal investigation. If you think this can’t happen to you, think again. It happened to Carole Hinders, Janet Malone, Ronald Morgan, Lyndon McLellan — and so many other hardworking American citizens. While president, Trump tried to reverse this heavy-handed government act created during Eric Holder’s reign in the Justice Department. But it’s too embedded into the Deep State now. Page 85.
    • Bull’s-eye on your back! If you or your loved ones work in this one type of business, you could be hit with an aggressive IRS audit. You won’t believe the lengths they go to in order to collect your hard-earned money. Page 98.

    As you’ll discover in The War on Cash, almost every single topic in today’s world is tainted with corruption and hidden agenda.

    Today, Big Banks and Big Tech are driven by greed and they have the ultimate ally with the mainstream media. Ditto for politicians.

    And it’s the average American — like you and me — who ends up suffering.

    If you don’t believe me now, you will, come tax season next year . . . and every year thereafter.

    A cashless society, where everything you do is tracked, means it’ll be easier for the IRS to nickel and dime every cent that touches your bank account.

    You won’t believe how much more we’ll soon be on the hook for.

    Author David McRee has been a tax professional for over 20 years. He has investigated the entire situation and you can find it in his bestselling book, The War on Cash.

    Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside:

    • The IRS is about to get even MORE heavy-handed! A simple device in your household could soon be tipping them off to every single transaction you make. Every. Single. One. Are you under surveillance right now? See the full story. Page 37.
    • Are new cryptocurrencies secure and free from the prying eyes of big government? The answer may surprise you. And you could be hit with an aggressive slew of taxes if you’re not careful. Page 53.
    • Counterintuitive but true! How trying to avoid an IRS audit can actually trigger one. It’s part of their dogged pursuit of finding “unreported” cash. Page 101.
    • Buyer beware! If you plan on purchasing a car, the dealership might be required to report your name to the IRS and scan your name against a list of known terrorists. Could a simple mix-up land you in jail? Page 105.
    • The cunning ploy of big banks, lenders, corporations, and governments. They are using marketing campaigns to push for a Fourth Industrial Revolution. But behind the scenes it just means more taxes, more debt, and more control over you. Warn your loved ones about this too! Page 110.

    Main Street USA Could
    Soon Resemble the People’s
    Republic of China

    Imagine walking down the street on a nice spring day. You get thirsty. So you drop into a local deli and grab a bottle of water.

    You reach into your wallet and take out two dollars and hand them to the cashier.

    He looks down at the bills and quietly shakes his head no and points to a sign. “No cash,” it says. Then he points to a QR code which instructs you to scan your phone.

    You don’t have the app so you have to beg strangers passing by to pay for you, telling them you’ll repay them in cash. They might help you out . . . or they might look at you like a crazy beggar.

    But you no longer have control over what you can buy.

    Even something as little as a bottle of water!

    If the U.S. goes completely cashless you may experience this really soon.

    The 140 million foreign tourists who visit China every year experience this exact scenario.

    The Wall Street Journal reported,

    Visitors say that 10 years ago, everything in China was cash. Then with each passing year, fewer and fewer people were accepting cash.

    The shopkeepers at the Great Wall don’t accept cash for water.

    If you pay a taxi driver with cash, he might only be able to give you change electronically.

    People who have visited China over the years, and even locals, are shocked at how fast the country went cashless.

    One retired 61-year-old mechanic from Shenzhen said, “I can’t even eat.”

    He had to resort to asking strangers to pay for his takeout noodles and then giving them money.

    A 25-year-old South African tourist was forced to beg a Chinese couple to call him a taxi on a ride-hailing app, and repaid them in cash.

    The last time I checked, China has a mass surveillance system . . .

    Its rulers jail people for free speech . . .

    And they have a long list of human rights violations.

    So why in the world would we want an economic system that resembles theirs?

    Mark my words. A cashless society will be the end of the U.S.A. as we know it.

    If your smartphone becomes your new wallet, someone could shut off your finances with the flick of a switch.

    This is a powerful way to starve out anyone who disagrees with the government.

    Gone will be the days when you can take odd jobs around town, save up cash, and buy your first car.

    Or start a business accepting orders from people in your neighborhood as your first customers.

    Instead, every move you make . . . every dime you earn and spend . . . and all your movements will be tracked by Big Tech, Big Banks, and the government.

    That’s why the time to take action is now.

    The War on Cash not only details the lengths of the biggest power grab in history . . .

    But also delivers actionable insights.

    You’ll discover:

    • The #1 secret to keeping all your transactions private. Anyone can do it, but the banks nudge you into doing otherwise. See how to keep your purchases away from prying eyes. Page 40.
    • PLUS: A little-known trick to saving $5,400 every year. So simple, you might kick yourself for not realizing this sooner. Over the course of a lifetime this adds up to $324,000 for the average American. Get the details. Page 40.
    • The four words that can save you in a natural disaster — or even something as extreme as a violent uprising on the streets with arrests at unprecedented levels. If all systems go down, electronic payments will be defunct. Many will have forgotten this #1 rule of survival. But you don’t have to. Page 41.
    • Write your elected officials! See the surprising reason why an underground cash economy actually helps America in the long run. Page 104.
    • The truth about the Patriot Act. Originally signed into law by President George W. Bush to combat terrorism, it has now run amok and expanded into your everyday lives. Get the full story. Page 106.
    • The good guys fighting for your rights. A handful of patriots are fighting The War on Cash. Get the list so you can align yourself with them. Page 113.
    • Take the first step to resist the ever-growing government encroachment on your liberty. You saw this during the pandemic . . . and now it’s going to trickle down into other areas of your life. Page 118.
    • Join a growing movement by becoming “unbanked.” 70 million Americans have become fed up with bank surveillance and the government’s invasion of your right to privacy. Is it time for you to join them? Page 121.
    • How to safely hide cash. This is nothing new and people have done this since the Great Depression era. But you must be smarter about it today. Get the full story on safeguarding your hard-earned money — and your liberties! Page 125.
    • How to safely transport cash. If you want to avoid the surveillance and excess reporting of electronic transfers, you must learn the realities of moving money in this day and age. What to do, what to avoid, and how to keep yourself and your money safe. Page 129.
    • The Citizens’ Action Plan: How to stop the war on cash. If you’re a patriot, and want to leave a better country for your kids and grandkids, there’s a series of action steps you can take to end The War on Cash and take back your liberties. It doesn’t require any crazy protesting and marching either. It’s much simpler and can be accomplished without leaving your home. Page 134.
    • The one device to end all surveillance. Hint: You probably own one, but you’re not using it correctly. Page 136.

    So please, do not sit idly as your freedoms and rights get taken away.

    Especially since you can claim a FREE copy of The War on Cash.

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    BONUS Resource #5  — Gun Grabs Seen as Excuse to Violate 2nd Amendment

    Another complement to The War on Cash. Newsmax’s editorial team exposes more of the government’s plot to violate your Second Amendment rights.

    Highly controversial. Reader discretion is advised.

    BONUS Resource #6  — Top Stocks for a Cashless Society

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