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It’s never been more important to have your financial house in order. Debt is an anchor that limits your financial agility when prosperous times suddenly turn sour.

You saw that with the 2007 housing-market collapse and the ensuing Great Recession. During those miserable years, the people who thrived — who found opportunity amid the crisis — were those who quickly moved their assets to safety, then into investments that succeed during uncertainty and upheavals.

They moved into gold, then real estate. They took advantage of the stock market as it plunged, then they poured into distressed stocks just before the bull market began its historic run.

So, it can’t be stressed enough that agility is the road to prosperity.

A Road Map to Complete Financial Freedom

Helping you attain the complete freedom to act decisively in any market is the purpose of Andrew Packer’s latest book, Safe, Debt-Free and Rich. As you’ll see, it may be the first 21st century investment book that compiles all the modern-day wealth strategies in one accessible place.

Packer is also the editor of the highly regarded investment advisory Ultimate Wealth Report.

He’s sending you this book for free as a way of introducing himself to you and to the Ultimate Wealth Report. It’s part of his nationwide initiative to alert Americans to the idea that they’ll need to move to safety soon, because today’s good-time economy is destined for turbulence.

Just look at the potential for woe that’s on the horizon today:

  • After nine years, the bull market may finally crash in an exhausted plunge.
  • A madman could start a war.
  • The equity markets could suffer a savage cyberattack.
  • OPEC could get its act together and choke off its oil supplies.
  • The dollar could continue to weaken.
  • A pandemic could cripple the healthcare system.
  • A trade war could cause soaring inflation.
  • Terrorists could attack.

A Strong Two-Part Plan to Grow Your
Wealth and Protect Everything You Have

Like you, Andrew Packer rues the mere idea of economic calamities. But there’s no escaping the reality that America is every foreign agent’s fantasy target.

But, no matter what happens to the economy and markets, Andrew Packer wants to be there to guide you to safety and to advance your wealth.

That’s why your FREE copy of his Safe, Debt-Free and Rich comes with this very special offer.

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Complete Access to the Archives is Priceless!

This is how sincere Andrew Packer is in his desire to see you safely through the good times and through brutal economic upheavals.

Your 1-year subscription comes with total access to Ultimate Wealth Report’s investment library.

That includes access to:

  • Your “Get Started Today” Investing Guide — a $19.99 value
  • Slash Your Taxes Guide — a $26.99 value
  • The 2018 Gold Investor’s Guide — a $24.99 value

To be frank, there are subscribers who paid full price just to get their hands on the 2018 Gold Investor’s Guide. So, all in all, your interest in Andrew Packer’s book is turning out to be one heck of a deal!

Here’s a sneak preview of your Special Report, the 2018 Gold Investor’s Guide:

The Gold Fund That Pays You Cash Every Month

The 2018 guide points you to the rare gold-focused mutual fund with an 11% yield that pays cash dividends on a monthly basis!

It’s as great a gold investment as it sounds!

This fund is not an investment in physical gold.

It is, however, an investment that uses gold, silver, and other resource stocks to generate income.

And the fund goes after income aggressively.

In fact, income is this fund’s primary objective.

You never see that. Gold mutual funds aren’t supposed generate cash income. But this one does!

As soon you open your copy, you’ll understand why Andrew recommends you add this mutual fund to your portfolio.

At least 80% of its assets are in stocks of companies engaged in the gold industry.

The No-Sweat Plan for More Wealth and Happiness

Finally, let’s circle back to why you’ve come here — your interest in Safe, Debt-Free and Rich.

It’s the book for farsighted people who are concerned about investments that pay off today and in the future — and in any market condition.

If you have the slightest worry about how to pay for both today and the future, Andrew Packer’s latest book, Safe, Debt-Free and Rich, is a straight-talk guide to monetary success.

Safe, Debt-Free and Rich is the follow-up to Andrew Packer’s blockbuster books Uncharted, High Income Guide, and Insider’s Dossier.

Once you open Safe, Debt-Free and Rich you’ll see why it compares favorably with other top investing books such as, Graham’s Intelligent Investor, Bogle’s Common Sense Investing, Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street.

That’s because this limited-run FIRST EDITION is much more than the usual “how to pick a stock” book.

In it, Packer addresses your specific investment and income needs for now and for the future!

Plus, he’ll show you the ultra-safe ways to use investment strategies that you may have thought too risky.

In Safe, Debt-Free and Rich, Andrew Packer reveals:


  • How to build big profits year after year with the tech sector’s “brick-and-mortar” company
  • Fast profits from an unloved sector
  • The household name that is “the overlooked secret to superior income”
  • How heavily regulated means safe, boring, consistent profits — regularly


  • The silver investment that’s as good as gold
  • Catch this boom, then quit while you’re ahead
  • The secret “commodity” that always makes money in any market


  • Beating the next bear market with significant profits as the S&P 500 tumbles
  • The danger myth — how to safely use options to profit from falling commodity prices
  • The secret of the most volatile — and profitable — trade Andrew Packer ever made


  • Scoring winning profits from the battle of billionaires
  • How to turn your home into a major moneymaker
  • The secret to staying solvent in any market


  • The lazy way out: a model portfolio to take advantage of all market opportunities

In short, Andrew Packer has your back!

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