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We hope you’ve been enjoying your subscription to Ultimate Wealth Report. Andrew Packer’s popular newsletter is read by thousands of people worldwide.

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“My investment is up 10.2% in 7 days!! I can’t wait for the next recommendation. I think Ultimate Wealth Report is 10 times better than the other investment reports I receive.”

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As you know, each month Ultimate Wealth Report provides you with the inside scoop on how to protect and growth your wealth with the power of commodities. Quickly . . . concisely . . . and without the hype or bias of the media and mainstream financial organizations.

Each month, Andrew helps subscribers build a conservative portfolio that can thrive during chaotic market turns. The commodities market is set for explosive gains. This ensures success no matter what turmoil the financial markets throw your way by valuing resilient commodity companies.

No matter what happens in our economy or stock market, there will always be demand for hard assets, and Andrew delivers these investments to you, each and every month.

Value, growth, and special situations are the pillars that support Andrew’s investing approach. This foundation has proven successful with the portfolio gains in natural gas, copper, silver, gold, and other commodities.

Look at the huge gains in the current Ultimate Wealth Report portfolio:

Ultimate Wealth Portfolio Gains
Recommendation Symbol Gains
Royal Dutch Shell RDS-A 62.77%
Braskem S.A. BAK 713.55%
VenEck Vectors Russia ETF RSX 478.94%
Express Scripts Holding Co. ESRX 296.53%
Vivint Solar VSLR 284.45%
Curtiss-Wright Corporation CW 199.04%
Infosys Limited INFY 173.54%
Icahn Enterprises L.P. IEP 170.55%

And because he has his own money invested in the Ultimate Wealth Report portfolio, Andrew’s monthly newsletter is one of the best life investments you can ever make.

Plus, with your subscription, you also get 24/7 access to the entire online archive of all past Ultimate Wealth Report issues and special reports dating back over six years. With this benefit, you can look up any investment advice that Andrew has released. Read about it at your leisure, or print out exactly what you need to discuss with your financial adviser.

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A $19.99 value!


The Capitalist Code

In his entertaining and informative style that has captivated generations, beloved New York Times bestselling author, actor, and financial expert Ben Stein sets the record straight about capitalism in the United States — it is not the “rigged system” young people are led to believe. As he reveals in The Capitalist Code, “Life can be faced by moaning and complaining or it can be faced by study, work, optimism, and faith in the free capitalist system. Guess which side gets the happier life?” Warren Buffett says, “My friend, Ben Stein, has written a short book that tells you everything you need to know about investing (and in words you can understand). Follow Ben’s advice and you will do far better than almost all investors (and I include pension funds, universities, and the super-rich) who pay high fees to advisers.” Ben Stein explains how the wonderful system of stock market capitalism can allow any American to build financial security. This book is about how to harness the incredible power of the U.S. economy for enjoyment and security by being owners of profitable businesses — by consistent, conservative investment starting as young as possible in a diversified portfolio of stocks. Anyone can be a capitalist — and should be.

A $21.99 value!


From Last to First

For more than 25 years Al Angrisani has been helping troubled and underperforming companies experience a “reversal of fortunes” and turn failure into success and new shareholder wealth. Along his journey, he has developed a proven business turnaround model that has created hundreds of millions of dollars of wealth over and over again. In this new book, From Last to First, Angrisani expands his turnaround philosophy to personal lives and careers, showing success-oriented readers how to turn the tables on failure and losing when life deals them a bad hand. Working professionals who have hit a rough patch in their business and/or personal lives can now apply Al’s turnaround philosophy and model to create new success and wealth for themselves, their families, and shareholders.

A $19.99 value!


Trump $5,000 Gold

Trump $5,000 Gold is a critical resource for any investor’s library. Authors James DiGeorgia and Andrew Packer explain in detail why this precious metal has been the most reliable form of money for thousands of years, why it’s out of favor now — and why it will rise again. With the stock market still in full-on rally mode, it is more important than ever to protect your wealth. The foundation has already been laid for gold to rally, possibly as high as $5,000 — even if the economy continues to do well! In this book, you’ll find clear, easy-to-understand information on the gold markets, how to intelligently invest in rare U.S. gold coins, a detailed historical look at gold during various economic and political cycles, and so much more!

A $29.95 value!


Dynamo Emergency Radio

Staying informed could be a matter of life and death. Hurricanes Katrina, Irma and Florence have proven that having a radio that works even when the batteries have died — and that can even charge your iPhone or Android phone — is an absolute necessity. In fact, federal and state agencies advise that every American home should have an emergency radio.

If your electric power fails due to storms, flash floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, or even the ever-present threat of terrorism, you need an emergency radio that WORKS in a REAL emergency. This powerful radio lets you stay informed throughout any type of emergency. Operates on a rechargeable lithium battery (included) or on 3 AAA batteries for backup (not included). Most importantly, the Dynamo Emergency Weather Band Radio includes:

  • Hand-crank generator (in case batteries fail)
  • Super-bright LED 3-bulb flashlight
  • NOAA weather band
  • Long-range AM receiver
  • High-sensitivity FM band
  • Built-in high-quality 1.75” speaker
  • 360-degree swiveling telescopic antenna
  • Convenient wrist strap
  • USB output jack to charge cellphone or other device
  • Mini USB input jack to charge radio and built-in flashlight
  • Headphone plug-in

A $99 value!


The 3 Best Insider Investments for 2018

In The 3 Best Insider Investments for 2018, Newsmax Finance Editorial Director Andrew Packer pinpoints a trio of compelling trade opportunities — these are rare values in a record-smashing stock market. Better yet, you’ll be investing right alongside insiders who have been confidently taking positions in their own companies, a bullish signal that tends to deliver over time.

A $99 value!


Powerful Secrets to Achieve Superior Returns

This special report is 100% strategy. Not only will you find a handful of grand-slam investments, you’ll get insight into the issues plaguing our economy . . . investments you should avoid at all costs . . . and powerful techniques to ramp up your returns. One reader actually wrote in and said: “This report has opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

A $99 value!


Trading Strategies to Generate Multiple 100% Returns in the Next Six Months

In Trading Strategies to Deliver Multiple 100% Returns in the Next Six Months, the Newsmax Finance team gives you everything you need to know to start trading in stocks, bonds, ETFs, real estate investment trusts, and more. It’s a one-stop guide for anyone new to investing who wants to quickly learn the essentials of Wall Street, and a perfect primer for anyone looking for new ways to expand the profit potential of their personal portfolio.

A $99 value!


The Profit Multiplier: An Options 101 Guide

In The Profit Multiplier: An Options 101 Guide, you’ll learn all about how options work — and how they can magnify your potential returns, using real-world examples. It also explains some of the most common options strategies for turning small profits into large ones. With this guide, you can transform your portfolio to improve your returns, as well as making profitable trades with low risk.

These eight gifts together are valued at $488.

Add in the discounted renewal rate, a savings of $145 . . . and you’re getting a total value of $633 in FREE gifts and bonuses!

Let me say that again:

That’s $633 in free value you’re getting!

If You Have Questions . . .

    Don’t worry . . . If you have time remaining on your subscription, you can (and should) still take advantage of this special offer. Your renewal will just start when your current subscription expires.
  • We’ve kept the cost of investing in Ultimate Wealth Report at a super-low rate for many years now — but as expenses go up, we may be forced to raise our rates at some point. Lucky you! You’ve locked in your rate for the length of your renewal term. That’s a smart decision.
  • We’ve been publishing Ultimate Wealth Report since May of 2012, and it remains one of our most popular newsletters. Andrew Packer has absolutely no intention to ever stop writing Ultimate Wealth Report.

    We view our subscribers as family, and want to continue building upon the last six years with many more years of valuable advice.

    The best part of this deal is that your subscription comes with our Guaranteed Prorated Refund Policy.

    The Guaranteed Prorated Refund Policy states that you can lock in your subscription for up to five years. However, if at some point down the road you choose to cancel your subscription, you get a FULL REFUND of the unused portion of your subscription term.

    So, if you sign up for the five-year term, and after one year you decide to stop your subscription — just call, email, or fax us and we will give you a full refund of the remaining years. Even if you sign up today, but change your mind tomorrow, you get a full refund of the unused portion.

    No questions asked. No hoops to jump through. No tricks!

100% Satisfaction Fully Guaranteed!

If, at any time, you are ever dissatisfied with your subscription, you may cancel within one year for a full refund or anytime thereafter for a prorated refund of all unmailed issues — no questions asked — and keep all your free gifts and any issues you received.

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain by locking in your renewal subscription to Ultimate Wealth Report today — especially when you can combine your savings with valuable bonus gifts.

But remember . . .

This Special Renewal Offer is only available until Thursday, October 25th at the stroke of midnight — so don’t delay!

We’d hate for you to miss out.

Andrew Packer and all of us at Newsmax Finance thank you for being part of the Ultimate Wealth Report family.


Charles Hamilton
Publisher, Newsmax Finance

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