Global Warming Hoax?

What Every American Must Know About DECADES
of Questionable Scientific Data Used
to Restrict How We Live Our Daily Lives!

This Book Reveals Fact From Fiction!


Dear Friend,

If you ever suspect that you (and everyone else) have been lied to about the causes of “global warming” — then I’m here to say . . .

You may be right.

My name is Tom Luongo.

As a freedom-loving family man, scientist, and life-long investor — it makes me sick to my stomach to know just how much hard-working American taxpayers have been lied to over the past several decades.

And in the next few moments, you’ll discover why “global warming” may be the BIGGEST HOAX promoted throughout the world for the past 40 years.

Plus, you’ll see how you may have been deliberately misled about climate change by government officials, scientists, and various foundations.

Why would they do it?!?

I’d like to say it was just about the money . . .

But it goes way beyond the countless billions that have been fleeced from taxpayers.

Ultimately, it comes down to controlling how we’ll live our daily lives in the coming years.

Everything from where you live . . . to what kind of vehicle you drive . . . to what work you can do to earn a living . . . to what your children learn in school . . . to what food you can eat . . .

We’ve already seen it happening within just the first two years of the Biden administration.

And sadly, it’s just the start.

Book titled Hot Talk, Cold Science

This is why I’ve made it a priority to get this must-have book into the hands of as many Americans as possible so we can collectively:

  • Call out ALL the “global warming” hucksters . . .
  • Put an end to all the wasted taxpayer money that’s been used to perpetuate their lies . . .
  • And regain control over how we live our lives — especially after all of this coronavirus insanity we’ve endured for over the past year.

I’ve arranged for you to receive a copy of this book FREE of charge!

In the expanded third edition of this controversial bestselling book, the authors and renowned climate experts reveal:

  • Why there is NO climate crisis arising from human activities now . . . nor on the horizon over the upcoming years (p. 103)
  • How the ice mass in Antarctica has actually been increasing since 1979 and NOT decreasing like we’ve been led to believe (p.64)
  • The carbon dioxide disconnect and why there is ZERO evidence linking carbon dioxide to climate change (p. 66)
  • The TRUTH about the recent California wildfires and how they are the result of bad forest management — NOT global warming (p. 191)
  • Al Gore’s massive OVERSTATEMENT on sea level rising 20+ feet by the year 2100, when the newest data shows it would actually be closer to just six inches higher than it is now (p.135)
  • How the BIGGER problem of “global cooling” has been overlooked and why it could cause far greater hazards to humans than global warming (p. 174)
  • And much, much more . . .

Now, keep in mind — the “Establishment” does NOT want people like you and me knowing the facts and the real reasons behind climate change.

Because the more people who know about them . . .

Along with their massive, decades-long financial con-job . . .

And how they plan to control how Americans live their lives during the coming years . . .

The less chance they have of succeeding.

But those who know the TRUTH won’t be manipulated now . . . nor will they be manipulated or tolerate being lied to any time in the future . . .

As With Any Other Big Government Program . . . FOLLOW THE MONEY!

I think you’d agree that humans have made a mess polluting our world — especially over the past 100 years.

Who Is Tom Luongo?

Known for my libertarian ideas, my support for 2nd Amendment gun rights, and my contrarian investment recommendations that have given my readers the opportunity to profit in both up and down markets . . .

I have also been at various times in my life a musician, chemist, carpenter, student, husband, father, goat farmer (true story!), entrepreneur, and writer. Sometimes all those things at the same time!

My wife and I built our homestead in North Florida in 2003 and have lived there ever since.

As the editor of Ultimate Wealth Report, it is my great honor to serve you and inform you at every critical turn as we navigate our investing portfolios through what I believe will be the most tumultuous period of history in our lifetimes.

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Just take a look at the sheer amount of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials we throw out with our trash each week.

But it’s silly to think that humans could impact the weather and climate more than the sun . . . or erupting volcanoes . . . or ever-changing ocean currents.

Anyone with common sense and a basic understanding of history already knows that climates in all the regions of the Earth have continuously changed over time . . .

For example, the “Little Ice Age” in Europe from the 1600s through the 1800s attributed to hundreds of thousands of people dying because of crop failures and famine.

And more recently and closer to home . . .

There was the severe drought in the US in the 1930s that led to the “Dust Bowl” that literally changed the landscape of the Midwest — causing over 500,000 Americans to become homeless . . . forcing them to migrate to places with more livable conditions.

Neither the Little Ice Age nor drought were caused by humans. We just had to adapt to those climate changes accordingly . . . and we did.

However . . . EVERYTHING changes when there’s money involved — especially taxpayer money!

When you look at the vast amount of money that has been spent on “man-made climate change” efforts over the past several decades . . .

You’ll see billions upon billions of dollars spent — with little (if anything) to show for it. Talk about a politician’s dream come true!

In fact, a 2018 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed that the U.S. spent more than $154 billion on climate change-related activities between 1993 through 2018 . . .

Much of which was NOT used to directly address climate change or its risks!

And it’s about to get worse in the decade ahead.

In 2022, the Biden Administration announced the funding of a $225 million program with the Department of Energy to combat climate change . . . $45 million of it has already been handed out as grants . . . 

. . . while ICE gets an 8% cut and Border Patrol receives a measly 13% increase.

That’s almost DOUBLE the amount spent on securing our borders and ports.

Do you really think that money will be put to good use?

I don’t.

In fact, I believe we’re going to only see more weather and climate stories sensationalized by the far left media pushing for even larger climate-change budgets and freedom-limiting restrictions on Americans’ lifestyles.

Just imagine having to endure “climate lockdowns” where we’re told to dramatically limit driving our cars . . . slash our consumption of red meat, pork, and chicken . . .

Soon you won’t have to imagine it — because these kinds of lifestyle restrictions are being discussed right now!

Book titled Hot Talk, Cold Science

However . . .

I am confident that we can stop them dead in their tracks . . . provided enough of us know the facts and are willing to say “No!” to their climate change lies!

That’s why I want you to get ALL the facts today in HOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE.

In this bestselling book you’ll discover:

  • How a FAKE consensus of scientists and CORRUPTION of the peer-review process have been purposely misused by politicians to further their agendas since 1990 (p.56)
  • The “Hockey Stick” scandal in which a small group of scientists conspired to rewrite climate history so they could claim that temperature increases in the 20th century were “unprecedented” — and how it was debunked! (p.73)
  • MEDIA HYPE! Why frequency and intensity of severe hurricanes are NOT increasing and have actually remained within a standard and predictable range since 1970 (p.98)
  • The CORRUPT data and instrumentation CHANGES that led the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to finally admit its temperature reconstructions are highly uncertain (p.111)
  • The undeniable GAP between observed temperatures and climate models which PROVES man-made carbon dioxide has little or even zero influence on worldwide temperatures! (p.117)

And those are just a handful of the little-known facts (which are never reported by the mainstream media!) you’ll have at your disposal when self-righteous environmental “do-gooders” want to tell you how to live your life or create new taxes to stop “man-made” global warming.

There’s so much more controversial research in this must-read book, you won’t be able to put it down!

For Beneficiaries It’s Like Accepting
the Mafia’s “Offer You Can’t Refuse”
But . . . With a Twist

Most of us have seen the movie “The Godfather” where somebody is made an “offer they can’t refuse.”

The “offer” is really a command, and the person “can’t refuse” because doing so would likely get them killed.

And while it makes for good cinema . . . the world of big business and politics doesn’t work like that.

Today, it works more like this in three simple steps:

Step #1: Creation of Secret Agendas

A group of rich and influential “left-leaning elites” I often to refer to as “The Davos Crowd” (because they gather to meet each year in Davos, Switzerland) sets and updates their long-term goals along with their agendas and policies that support those goals.

These controversial goals, agendas, and policies span across ALL industries and governments including climate change and climate science.

And if you’ve ever heard anything about Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 — then you know what I’m talking about!

Step #2: Coordinated Extortion of Taxpayers

Based on The Davos Crowd’s overall goals, each country has different resources to contribute to the goals . . . and each country’s government (along with their media outlets) play their part in getting the job done.


Step #3: Dissemination of “Fake News”

The media outlets put out the authorized messaging to the public, and the countries’ governments hand out billions of dollars each year to various businesses, universities, and foundations to do work that will support The Davos Crowd’s goals.

And while all this may sound like some sort of “conspiracy theory” — I can assure you that this is how things really work . . . if you haven’t already suspected it for yourself!

So here’s where the “offer they can’t refuse” comes into play for those who get this taxpayer-backed government money . . .

Once they accept the money, they’re expected to support the official policies put out by their government and The Davos Crowd.

Plus, the work and research that’s done should also justify the policies — so that more taxpayer money can be collected in the future.

Now, those who fail to support the policies or whose research doesn’t justify the policies end up LOSING their funding.

As a result, individuals (and sometimes dozens of people employed in an organization with a whistleblower) end up losing their jobs that provided for them and their families. It can get really ugly.

pay off

But the cycle of lies doesn’t stop.

Often, the government money is then given to those who will “toe the line” and do what is expected of them.

I’d like to say this practice was limited just to climate change.

But sadly, it spans across ALL industries.

As a scientist, I’ve seen it done and have spoken with others who have as well.

And while whistleblowers and watchdog groups continue to do great work in calling out all the waste, fraud, and abuse within their respective industries . . .

Book titled Hot Talk, Cold Science

We can help multiply their efforts by getting the facts out to as many Americans as possible and demanding the truth from elected and appointed officials in politics, business, and academia.

This is why I want to get a free copy of HOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE into the hands of as many Americans as I can today.

In it, you’ll also discover:

  • The “Climategate” scandal among top IPCC scientists that misrepresented and withheld important climate information . . . and then attempted to prevent discovery! (p.77)
  • The CONSPIRACY between British and American climate scientists to control what went into IPCC reports and kept contrary views by skeptics from being published in recognized science journals (p.84)
  • How mild worldwide warming is actually BENEFICIAL to humans and has even improved our average lifespan! (p.158)
  • Why the next “Little Ice Age” may be imminent and why governments should be focused on the BIGGER and more likely threat of global cooling (p. 177)
  • The Coral Reef Lie and how they are NOT harmed by warming seawater, despite everything we’ve been told by climate alarmists in the media (p.101)
  • And much, much more . . .

Once you see the newest research in this bestselling book . . .

You’ll quickly “call out the B.S.” from any government official, business CEO, scientist, or mainstream media puppet who tries to sell you on their global warming lies.

The Science Is NEVER Settled . . .

Whenever someone claims “the science is settled” on any matter — you can bet your last penny that they have an agenda, and you should be skeptical of their motives.

I certainly am.

Fauci wearing a mask

Whether it’s science on the coronavirus crisis (remember how many times Dr. Fauci changed his stance on wearing masks?) . . .

. . . Or science on the ever-changing climate . . .

The science is NEVER settled.

That’s what’s always been fascinating about science to me as a scientist.

We are continuously making new discoveries in every field of science that either change our understanding of how things work . . .

Or completely revolutionize them altogether.

But for decades, anybody who spoke out against the “accepted status quo” in any field of science put out by governments and the media, their findings were often completely buried or ignored altogether.

What Others Are Saying About . . .


Hot Talk, Cold Science provides the reader with important facts and evidence consistently and conveniently overlooked by climate alarmists, making clear the case on global warming is far from closed.”
— US Senator Ted Cruz

“Singer has shown how science has been compromised and misused for decades to justify politically and ideologically motivated, disastrous economic policies.”
— Vaclav Klaus

“An enormously important contribution to the ‘unfinished debate on global warming’ written by three highly authoritative and trustworthy climate scientists.”
— Larry Bell

“There is a battle going on. The authors have provided the intellectual ammunition needed to defeat the well-financed fanatical forces with their frightening false narrative.”
— Dana Rohrabacher

And today, they are temporarily banned or even completely removed from YouTube, along with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Talk about outright censorship in the (so-called) “land of the free!”

Even if scientists provide an overwhelming preponderance of proof with new data that counters widely accepted theories or scientific models . . .

They’re still deliberately silenced, censored, discredited, or even ridiculed.

And with the ever-worsening “cancel culture” of recent times . . .

Where simply implying something that is not politically correct or doesn’t align with the generally accepted “norm” — even in science — is enough to get a person fired from their job, or for a college or foundation to lose all their funding!

But things are finally turning around . . .

More and more people are seeing with their own eyes all the blatant corruption in governments, businesses, and the media.

We’re tired of all the “fake news.”

And I feel in my gut that we are all on the cusp of great changes that will unfold over the years to come.

Look, I don’t know exactly what the future holds. Nobody does.

We don’t know who (if anyone!) would actually face legal action if the truth about climate change was finally disseminated instead of the current lies . . .

We don’t know for certain if the world will substantially warm up or cool off within the coming decades . . .

And we don’t know how the general public — everyday people like you and me — will respond to climate changes in our lifetimes or if we’ll even have to respond at all . . .

But I DO know that when more people realize that climate change may have been one of costliest hoaxes of the past 100 years . . . then we’ll come together and say, “No more!” to ever-increasing infringements on our freedoms and finances.

Hot Talk, Cold Science

And this powerful 234-page book will provide you with the facts that you’ll be able to present clearly and logically to any politician (at any level) or environmental “do-gooder” who think they know what’s best for you and how you should live.

I promise you that I’ll do my part to turn the tide toward the facts.

I will constantly call out the “B.S.” arguments on climate change . . .

And I would love for you to join me!

That’s why I’ve arranged for you to receive a copy of HOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE — FREE of charge!

A copy of this book — a $26.95 value — is reserved in your name when you reply today.

I only ask that you pay $4.95 to cover the shipping and handling. That’s it!

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As I mentioned earlier . . .

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Nobody does.

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YES! Rush me my copy of HOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE for just $4.95 to cover shipping and handling. Also, email me the five bonus reports immediately, and start my 3-month trial subscription to Ultimate Wealth Report at no additional cost.

Satisfaction Fully Guaranteed!

You are under absolutely NO obligation to continue with your subscription. Your subscription is 100% risk-free. And regardless of your decision — your book and special reports, along with any newsletter issues that you’ve received are yours to keep!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sales tax included where applicable. Your trial subscription comes with a convenient automatic renewal. At the end of your trial subscription, we will notify you. If you want to keep the publication, do nothing and we will renew your subscription using your credit/debit card on file and charge you $109.95 for one year (12 issues) of Ultimate Wealth Report. And then every year thereafter at the lowest renewal rates then in effect. There is no risk, you can cancel within the first six months for a full refund of the unused portion of your subscription.  

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