4 Stocks Look Set to Double,
or More, 108% to 389%, as President Trump Asserts America’s Military Might!

A new FREE report shows you why 4 U.S. defense stocks could be your most valuable investments of 2018 as America leads the fight against global madmen.

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This FREE report, In Defense of Liberty, gives you exact details of the 4 companies set to benefit because President Trump made the world a promise.

It is: America will do its part to keep the world safe from madmen, but U.S. allies must now pull their weight, too, by arming themselves with lethal, U.S.-made weapons!

Japan agreed to spend as much as $48 billion in new U.S.-made weapons. The FREE report, In Defense of Liberty, points you to the 4 companies that will thrive as America’s allies finally open their wallets in order to defend themselves.

We’ve been here before . . .

A madman with crazy delusions!

A world that’s looking to America, its only superpower, for protection . . .

But, this time it’s different!

This time America has a powerful president who’s demanding countries in the rest of the world pull their own weight.

Now, as North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un emerges as the world’s’ greatest threat, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan will form the first line of defense in Asia.

That could mean hundreds of billions of dollars in new orders for American-built weapons. That’s why you must read the new FREE research report, In Defense of Liberty.

Because it reveals the four companies that could be the biggest winners as the world arms itself to stand up to Kim Jong Un.

Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis, when America stared down the Soviet Union’s Nikita Khrushchev, has a first-term president been challenged by a global threat like the one that President Trump faces in North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un.


And, only one U.S. investment authority was first to recognize the huge potential for investors as America sought the world’s support to neutralize Kim.

That investment authority is Andrew C. Carpenter, senior financial editor of Ultimate Wealth Report. Harvard-educated, Carpenter offers investors an edge on Asia. His experience there includes being the only American columnist for the Mandarin-language Shanghai Security News — China’s leading daily financial newspaper.

And, his globetrotting investment experience built Carpenter’s near-iconic legend as stock market moneymaker. Under his leadership, he has crafted stunning successes for readers of advisories from world-renowned publishers.

Those include Starbucks up 1,041%, Advanced Energy up 771%, Gildan up 429%, Nutrisystem up 389%, VMWare up 386%, United Health up 191%, Trina Solar up 127%, Darling International up 114%.


Now, as Ultimate Wealth Report’s editor he’s delivering gains that outshine the S&P 500 by 4 to 1.

That steady, explosive stock market success is why Carpenter is now a leading voice at Newsmax Finance, for which he penned his new FREE report. And, it was his reputation as both a quantitative and qualitative analyst that led Newsmax to hand Carpenter the helm of its flagship Ultimate Wealth Report.

This is how Carpenter came to carefully examine President Trump’s foreign policy agenda and his proposed budget, along with what was important to the Americans who elected him leader of the free world. Here’s what he found.

He determined that there are exactly four companies matched perfectly with President Trump’s agenda. Those companies are U.S.-based, and combined, they employ tens of thousands of Americans at good wages.


The companies that Carpenter reveals in his FREE report are at the forefront of defending America from radical jihadists, unstable dictators, growing totalitarian states, and cyberterrorists.

They also have segments that focus on homeland security, which is vital in keeping America’s borders secure in order to repel illegal workers and potential terrorists.

The best thing about these four companies is that while they are America-first, their share prices look ready to jump. And, that’s not just because President Trump may get an extra $58 billion in additional defense spending.

These four companies laid out in this important report are also superbly run. Three of them have huge backlogs of already-funded Department of Defense contracts. One backlog is $36.1 billion strong, another is $20.1 billion, and the third is about $1 billion.

The formidable lineup in this FREE report is made up of two defense-sector heavyweights on the cutting edge of reshaping America’s military, and two companies that are pioneering some of the most sophisticated technological advancements in specialized armaments and satellite communications.


This just-published special report will likely be the most important investment guide you will read this year.

The report is FREE, as a way of introducing Ultimate Wealth Report and Andrew Carpenter to you.

You could be one of the very first to gain access to this timely report. Don’t wait for tens of thousands of other people to read it. Simply enter your email address and you’ll gain immediate access to In Defense of Liberty: 4 Stocks Every American Should Own!

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