America’s Secret War On Cash

How Banks and a Power-Hungry Government Want to Confiscate Your Cash and Track Every Dollar You Spend


Powerful forces are at work all over the world. Their goal?

To stop you from using cash and track every penny you spend.

The IRS is currently seizing bank accounts of folks who have done nothing wrong  . . . except make regular cash deposits into their checking accounts.

Sometimes for as little as a few hundred dollars each.

They claim the digital economy is making cash obsolete, but is it really just another step by Big Brother to track every tax dollar you owe them?


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In this eye-opening new book you’ll discover:
  • How your local bank is spying on you and reporting cash deposits you make to Big Brother.
  • How governments around the world are starting to ban cash at an alarming rate.
  • How banks are rolling out policies that prevent you from keeping cash in your safe deposit box or even paying bills with cash.
  • How police and law enforcement have begun seizing cash from anyone they think is carrying “too much.”
  • How the IRS has seized bank accounts of people who have done nothing wrong except make regular cash deposits in their account.

And much, much more.

Plus, specific ways for you to fight back and keep your cash from falling into their hands.

This is not a plot from some Hollywood spy blockbuster. This is happening right now in America.

And it’s all revealed in the bombshell new book, The War On Cash.


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