President Joe Biden and the Democrat-led Congress have brought us to the edge of economic collapse by creating some of the worst policies of all time. We could see the end of America as we know it in just a few months’ time!

One man saw it coming — and he’ll show you how to secure your wealth before this doomsday scenario becomes a reality.

Greetings, friend . . .

I hope this letter finds you well.

Though, with everything that has gone on over the past few years, the likelihood of that is getting smaller with each passing day.

With every minute that ticks off the clock . . .

We’re moving closer and closer towards an almost inevitable financial apocalypse that’s been brought on by one bad decision after another.

We were moving in this direction even before the COVID-19 pandemic started . . .

But we’ve only gotten worse since then.

I wish I could tell you that we could pull ourselves out of this nosedive — that there was something we could do to stop this economic apocalypse from happening . . .

But the “leaders” of our country seem hell-bent on letting it happen.

Or worse . . .

They seem like they’re actively trying to bring on Doomsday for not just Americans — but for the rest of the world as well.

Because as America goes, so too does the rest of the globe . . .

And if things can’t be turned around — we’re looking at a financial collapse that would make the Great Depression look like a day at Disney World.

However, because you’re reading this now — there is hope.

For those who have the foresight to understand what’s happening — and the direction in which our financial world is headed . . .

You’re getting an opportunity to protect yourself and your family from the bleak financial fate that most people on the planet will meet, and you’ll have ONE guy to thank for it.

But before I tell you about him and how he can help you become a survivor of the coming economic apocalypse . . .

I want to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Jeff Relic. As the financial publisher here at Newsmax, I make it a priority to keep a close eye on the financial world . . .

And I’ve got to tell you, in all my time as both a publisher and my time in real estate I’ve never seen anything like what’s happening now.

We’re in the middle of what seems to be the perfect storm that could threaten to not only drastically affect your financial future . . .

But could destroy the American way of life.

The End of the American Dream?

As a patriot I hold both the land and the ideals of this country very near and dear to my heart . . .

And it’s troubling to see so many people just watching our nation — and our entire world — fall deeper and deeper down a financial hole we may never be able to dig ourselves out from.

I grew up expecting our leaders to give us the same opportunity that previous generations were given . . .

That if I worked hard enough . . .

Or that I could create something of value that other people wanted . . .

That I could build the life that I wanted.

And up till a few years ago this was the case . . .

But over the past few years, it seems that one side of the political aisle is hell-bent on turning our once prosperous nation into the third world countries that we’ve helped.

And it all starts with our money.

The downward spiral started back in 2008 — when the federal government and the Federal Reserve conspired to create “quantitative easing” in order to overcome the financial calamity brought on by overlending and the greed of the big banks.

This is well-documented . . .

But if you’re reading this, I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know.

Odds are you lived through it and faced the same kinds of hardships so many millions of Americans did during those dark times.

Well . . .

I should say most Americans, because funnily enough it seemed like a LOT of politicians THRIVED during the Great Recession.

Even worse . . .

They haven’t stopped fleecing the American people since then . . .

But what they’re planning next could take us all down.

Biden’s Economic Policies and
America’s Precarious Future

Today, we’re going to take a revealing journey that unravels the hidden truths behind America’s precarious economic situation . . .

We’ll explore how the failed economic policies of the 117th Congress and President Joe Biden’s decisions and executive orders have pushed the nation to the edge of an economic abyss.

As we navigate this treacherous terrain, we will be guided by insights from a man that saw it all coming . . .

Adam Baratta, author of the compelling book, The Great Devaluation.

Brace yourself for an eye-opening exploration of the challenges that lie ahead.

However, before we move forward, there’s something astounding I think you should know . . .

And it has to do with our recessions.

Did you know that of the 14 recessions that the U.S. has experienced, that Democrats held the House of Representatives for ALL of them?

Another fact?

Of those 14 recessions, the Democrats held the Senate for 13 of them . . .

That’s telling . . .

It shows you how bad they are with monetary policy.

But ineptitude does NOT equal malice, right?

It may not have before — but it may now . . .

And it starts with one of the worst sessions of Congress on record.

The 117th Congress
Tried to Destroy America

In the halls of Congress divisions ran deep throughout the 117th session . . .

As Sen. Lisa Murkowski aptly put it, “It has been a horrible year, hasn’t it?”

The bitterness and legislative setbacks overshadowed any achievements . . .

Leaving a sense that Congress was failing to rise to meet the perilous moment in history.

From debates on tax reform to disagreements on infrastructure spending . . .

The inability to find common ground had severe consequences for the nation’s economy.

While the stock market experienced some highs, there were a LOT of down days, as well as underlying structural issues that remained unaddressed.

As unemployment rates fluctuated, questions arose about the stability of the job market . . .

As well as the ability of Biden and other government officials to create sustainable economic growth.

The frustrations over the lack of progress only widen the division between the two sides.

The fight over what to do over COVID-19 left many with a sour taste in their mouth . . .

And Americans, after being FORCED to stay home, were given a whopping $600 in relief.

But it was the Paycheck Protection Program, as well as government-backed loans, that really put our country in a deeper hole.

Just how deep does that hole go?

Well, the government is not really telling us . . .

But luckily, one man has truly paid attention, and knows exactly where our country’s debt is headed.

Adam Baratta not only knows how deep the hole goes . . .

But he understands just how devastating the consequences are of our politicians’ poor economic policies.

Baratta has explored exactly how these Democrat-led congressional decisions impacted the economy . . .

And has provided crucial insights on all the complexities at play.

But we’ll get to those insights in a minute . . .

Before we move on, we need to talk about how Joe Biden’s TERRIBLE “Build Back Better” policies moved us even closer to the edge.

Bidenomics: The Dem Dream

When Joe Biden took the helm, he touted his Bidenomics plan, selling Americans on the hope for progress and prosperity.

This $1.9 TRILLION pandemic aid plan — featuring a $300-per-child payment that was supposed to slash poverty rates — was a dud.

However, the $1.2 trillion (barely) bipartisan infrastructure law, which had eluded previous administrations, did show potential . . .

But the bottom line is that both of these added an INCREDIBLE sum to the national debt.

The Bidenomics plan was a woke dream . . .

As it sought to address “economic inequality,” boost job growth, and tackle climate change.

However, as the government pumped money into the economy . . ..

Questions arose about the inflationary impact and the long-term consequences of such massive spending.

Even more . . .

Concerns emerged about the sustainability of Bidenomics as we watched the debt counter keep ticking up and up.

While the immediate focus was on addressing social justice issues . . .

People started asking questions about whether the plan had any fiscal responsibility.

Of course, the Biden administration started facing immense pressure to address both the immediate economic challenges and the longer-term issues of adding that debt to our ledger.

The effectiveness of Bidenomics depended on striking a delicate balance between stimulating economic growth and ensuring fiscal prudence . . .

They fell short.

Adam Baratta understood that the efforts of the Democrats were going to fail . . .

Because they ALWAYS fail.

Politicians have been failing Americans for DECADES . . .

What they’ve been doing, and are continuing to do, to the American dollar is criminal.

If it was just Biden and the 117th Congress that failed us, I’d say throw them all in jail . . .

But they’re just a part of the problem.

They’ve brought us to the point that if something doesn’t change — and change DRASTICALLY and fast . . .

We may lose a lot more than just our credit rating.

Luckily, Adam Baratta has a contingency plan, It’s something he’s outlined for us in his latest book, The Great Devaluation  . . .

But before we go in depth into it we’ve got to talk about something else.

This downward spiral we’re on is far from over . . .

What we’re seeing is just the beginning.

Biden Hammered the Nail
in the Coffin on Day ONE

Inflation . . .

It’s a complex economic phenomenon influenced by numerous factors.

And as much as the current administration and its supporters hate to admit it . . .

Chief among these factors have been the president’s policies and executive orders.

Inflation SOARED under Biden . . .

And as much as he wanted to blame this on former President Donald Trump, the numbers simply didn’t add up.

You see, the Biden administration’s expansive spending and monetary policies contributed to mounting inflationary pressures . . .

From increased government borrowing to monetary easing — economists debated the root causes of the inflation surge.

The impact was felt by American consumers and businesses alike — leading to rising costs, supply chain disruptions, and heightened economic uncertainty.

But we know that Biden’s blunders are not up for debate, don’t we?

Joe Biden’s war on oil is seen by MANY as the catalyst for the current inflationary period we find ourselves in . . .

Day ONE in office, he nixed the Keystone XL pipeline that would have seen at least 25,000 jobs and billions in revenue for American companies.



And then, a few months later he banned any oil fracking on federal land . . .

It’s like he DELIBERATELY wanted to take away the US oil independence we had gained.

This is what, in my opinion, and of others, truly sent our economy into a tailspin.

Sure, the forced government overspending due to COVID-19 restrictions brought about by the 117th Congress were devastating . . .

But, add the fact that Americans were paying double or even TRIPLE at the pump than they were under Donald Trump, and you can see how that was a recipe for disaster.

Inflation over the first two years of Biden’s presidency was SOARING . . .

And while they SAY they’re getting it under control, a lot of us believe that they’re simply just kicking the can down the road.

These kinds of problems NEED to be discussed if we’re going to be able to pull ourselves out of the proverbial toilet that the Democrats have thrown us into . . .

Only American grit and ingenuity is saving us from getting flushed and being sent swirling.

In The Great Devaluation, Adam Baratta peels back the layers of inflationary forces . . .

Providing a comprehensive analysis of their effects on our economy.

By examining the historical context of inflation and its modern manifestations, as well as the continued destined-for-failure policies that Biden keeps FORCING onto the American people . . .

We get a better understanding of where we’re headed.

Luckily for us, Baratta can help equip Americans with the knowledge to navigate inflation’s impact on their financial well-being . . .

As well as help us build a financial fortress as the American dollar continues its slide into economic hell.

What Does America’s
Economic Future Hold?

As a nation . . .

We stand at a fork in the road.

If we do nothing, it seems that there will be no sound economic future . . .

At least not one we’ll be able to recognize.

The American dollar is getting closer and closer to falling into a death spiral . . .

And some say it’s a spiral we won’t recover from.

We have to take action — and take action NOW!

We need to change the direction of

As we navigate the complexities of America’s economic future . . .

The Great Devaluation by Adam Baratta emerges as an essential guide for understanding the challenges ahead.

Baratta’s insights and analysis empower readers to make informed decisions in an ever-changing economic landscape.

From understanding inflationary pressures — to evaluating the consequences of policy decisions . . .

Baratta’s work illuminates the paths we can take to secure our wealth and financial well-being.

Armed with knowledge from The Great Devaluation, readers can prepare themselves for an uncertain future, protect their assets, and even more important . . .

Make strategic investments.

The book provides an opportunity for readers to gain a deeper appreciation of the economic forces at play . . .

Empowering them to take a proactive approach to safeguarding their financial interests.

Through this lens readers can critically and accurately analyze economic policies and events to better navigate their personal financial journey.

And now it’s more important than ever to understand what to do when the wheels come off the wagon, because not only will it happen before you know it . . .

But it’s almost upon us.

Surprise Credit Rating
Downgrade Shocks America

The downfall of the American dollar . . .

The American economy . . .

Even the American way of life is closer than most are willing to admit.

We’ve felt it coming . . .

However, nobody seemed to lift a finger to do anything about it.

Looking at it from the outside . . .

It seems almost planned — like the campaign to devalue, and, ultimately, destroy the American dollar has been in the works for DECADES.

Some conspiracy theorists have been explaining that the advancement of a globalist agenda MUST come at the expense of a strong America . . .

And as much as this pains me to admit it — they may be right, as we just caught our first glimpse of how it’s going to start.

We knew something was coming . . .

But nobody expected the first crack in the foundation to come in the form of a credit downgrade from ratings agency Fitch.

Recently, Fitch downgraded the US credit rating to AA+ from AAA . . .

Citing fiscal deterioration over the next three years and repeated bickering between the two political parties and their down-to-the-wire debt ceiling negotiations.

Jerome Powell

The downgrade in itself wouldn’t be bad . . .

Except it’s the second major rating agency after Standard & Poor’s decided to strip the U.S. of its triple-A rating for only the second time in history.

This is bad . . .

And it’s something that Baratta charted in his book.

He knew this was coming . . .

It was almost as if he had some kind of crystal ball showing him America’s financial future.

He knew it . . .

And even titled his book The Great Devaluation in order to alert readers to the coming calamity.

Of course . . .

He also knew that this was just the beginning.

Which is why he also charted the path on what Americans can do to avoid their own financial destruction as the American economy crumbles around them

A Safe Harbor for the
Coming Financial Storm

We know the destruction of the American dollar is happening . . .

Whether planned or not — it doesn’t matter — as we’re watching it happen in real time regardless of who’s at fault.

The real question is:

Can it be avoided?

And the answer to that is . . .


If the powers that be want to stop this from happening there are some steps that they can take to ensure that America stays on top of the mountain as the top economic superpower . . .

But we don’t know if they actually will.

In fact, some conspiracy theorists even surmise that some of our top officials are in on it and WANT to see the end of America’s economic supremacy.


Well, the conspiracy theorists believe it’s because they want to be a part of the ruling globalist class that will have total control over the world’s population . . .

That the only way to get a seat at that table is to play ball.

While that’s highly unlikely . . .

The simple fact of the matter is it would take a lot of work and even more sacrifice in order to make the necessary changes to stop the downfall of the American economy.

But that doesn’t mean YOU have to play their game . . .

There is a path that you can take to avoid the same economic ruin that tens of millions of Americans could be facing.

Baratta reveals this path in his book . . .

Which is why I’m urging you to buy a copy today.

This book is more than just the story behind the devaluation of the American dollar . . .

It’s a survival guide.

Adam is the one man who predicted this . . .

And he’s the one man that could help you avoid the dark days that are sure to be ahead.

You’ll want to read this entire book — cover to cover — because the information inside of it could be the difference between economic hardship and economic success.

But, you need to act fast . . .

Because you’ve got just a few months to prepare.

The Most Important Election
of Our Lifetime

It seems that more and more . . .

Each election that passes takes the mantle of becoming the “most important.”

But this time . . .

It’s 100% true.

We need change — REAL CHANGE — if we’re going to avoid the imminent financial disaster that seems to be hanging over our head like the sword of Damocles.

But there’s a problem . . .

Half of America doesn’t see the problem.

In fact, that’s not even accurate, because I believe they see the problem, they just hate the “other” side so much that they’ll allow America to be destroyed in order to “win.”

I can tell you this:

If the Democrats take back Congress and are able to get Biden reelected . . .

We’re going to be in trouble.

The left is aligned with the globalist vision of a one-world government — and many of them are actively maneuvering to make this twisted dream into a reality.

The Republicans’ win in 2022 wasn’t surprising . . .

But there were many that were predicting a “red wave” to wash over Washington, and for the GOP to control both the House and Senate.

That didn’t happen.

Sure, the GOP-led House is impeding the liberal agenda as much as possible . . .

But if enough Americans stay blind to what we’re doing — either willfully or not — then we’ll be stuck on the ruinous economic path that the 117th Congress and Joe Biden set us on.

Which makes the 2024 election the most important of our lifetime — because the outcome could mean the end of our nation as we know it.

That’s not hyperbole . . .

All you have to do is look around at what is happening and you can see for yourself — we’re at the most dangerous crossroad we’ve ever stood as a nation.

One could even argue it’s more dangerous than the Civil War.

If the Democrats win back the House and are able to keep the White House we could see the end of the dream that was America.

Which is why you need to be ready for that worst-case scenario.

You need to prepare . . .

And Adam Baratta has given us the torch to help us light the way during the potentially dark times ahead.

The Great Devaluation and How to Survive
Biden’s Economic Apocalypse

It’s no secret that America is facing MANY economic challenges . . .

It is clear that the failed economic policies of the 117th Congress, coupled with Joe Biden’s decisions and executive orders, have brought the nation to the brink of economic collapse.

If this happens . . .

MILLIONS of Americans will find themselves holding on to worthless American dollars whose value is less than the paper they’re printed on.

It’s time to prepare.

Not only do you need to know what to do next . . .

But you have to understand how we got to this place and where things are headed next.

The insights offered by Adam Baratta’s The Great Devaluation provide invaluable context and understanding of not only how we arrived here . . .

But also how to navigate these turbulent times.

Now, more than ever, the need to secure our wealth and financial future is evident . . .

The pages of The Great Devaluation contain the knowledge and wisdom to empower those with the foresight to see the direction in which the Democrats are taking our nation.

But you don’t have to take my word for it . . .

Dive into this thought-provoking book to uncover the truth behind America’s economic situation, where Adam Baratta takes you through a step-by-step analysis on how and what the left has done to bring us here . . .

Once you have a firm grasp on the actions they’ve taken you can then chart your own course towards financial security.

Are you prepared to navigate the economic storm that lies ahead?

Find the answers within the pages of The Great Devaluation by Adam Baratta.

Embrace the knowledge and prepare for a future that demands informed decisions.

Act Now to Protect Your Wealth and
Future With The Great Devaluation

The time for action is now.

The economic storm clouds are gathering, and the future of our nation’s financial stability hangs in the balance . . .

But you don’t have to stand by and watch as the economic foundations crumble beneath us.

The Great Devaluation by Adam Baratta is your guiding light through these uncertain times.

Within the pages of this compelling book you will find the insights, analyses, and strategies needed to navigate the treacherous waters of today’s economy.

Adam Baratta has meticulously dissected the failed policies of the 117th Congress and President Joe Biden’s questionable decisions — many before they even happened . . .

And is shedding light on the dire consequences we face if we don’t take action.

But as I mentioned earlier — the journey starts with understanding.

By grasping the underlying causes and forces driving our economic turmoil you’ll be better prepared to safeguard your financial well-being.

The Great Devaluation equips you with the tools to decipher the complexities of inflation, policy decisions, and global economic shifts . . .

Giving you the power to make informed decisions.

Don’t let yourself be caught off guard.

Don’t be a spectator to the impending economic collapse.

Instead, become a proactive guardian of your financial future.

The Great Devaluation offers not just insights, but a roadmap to financial resilience.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, this book arms you with the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Order your copy today . . .

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

The American economy is at a crossroads — and the decisions you make now will have a lasting impact on your financial well-being.

As the financial editor at Newsmax, I urge you to take action today.

Invest in your financial future — arm yourself with the knowledge in The Great Devaluation — so your family doesn’t have to suffer.

Remember, change starts with you.

By taking the step to educate yourself about the economic challenges we face, you’re not only protecting your wealth, but you’re also standing up for the principles that made this nation great.

Order your copy of The Great Devaluation now and embark on a journey toward financial security in an uncertain world.


Jeff Relic

Financial Editor, Newsmax

P.S. In The Great Devaluation, you’ll find the insights that could shape your financial destiny. Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to thrive in these challenging times.

P.P.S. Discover the eye-opening revelations within the book, including the alarming truth about our nation’s economic trajectory, the impact of failed policies, and strategies to safeguard your wealth. Your financial future deserves your attention — order your copy today!